Service you can count on!

Providing accurate and timely service, taking measures that minimize risk of error according to the properties of the machine and equipment carried and ensuring high safety is a must. All of our taut liners with up to net 3,100 mm internal height are equipped with a loading system and equipment in compliance with the customs regulations. 

Our company which provides services to many locations in the world, moves the materials to be delivered to our esteemed customers according to the nature and type of load through its fast, reliable and quality door-to-door transportation services supported with our vast vehicle fleet. We offer overseas customs clearance, inland transportation, warehousing, packing and free-of-charge lashing services.

We offer Complete (FTL) and Partial (LTL) services for the countries to which we provide ground transportation services for Import/Export/Transit and Re-export transportation.

FTL Services

  • Turkey-EU Countries -Turkey 
  • Turkey-Turkic Republics -Turkey 
  • Turkey-Middle East Countries -Turkey 

LTL Services

  • Collecting The Materials in our Poti And Mersin
  • Weekly Regular Groupage Service
  • Door To Door Service

Vehicle Park and Services

  • Flat Taut Liners-Open Side Panels-Refeer-Low bed
    -Flatbed-Panel van
  • Customs Procedures And Storage Service
  • Consolidation
  • Direct Service
  • Storage And Distribution