We store and transport your international shipments of all fresh fruits and vegetables, dry foods, ornamental plants and frozen food and chemical substances that require temperature control, with utmost care and precision.

The walls, ceilings, floors and doors of the compartment of our vehicles

allocated to carry your products are insulated so that heat transfer

between internal environment and external environment is minimized.

With our refrigerated vehicle fleet equipped with a device that has cooling

cycle with mechanical steam compression and heat cooling capability,

we deliver your materials from door to door fresh and unspoiled.


In order to protect nutritional values and freshness of all products that we carry, our

specialized employees help you at every stage by checking many details in the
loading stage such as:

  • Resistance of product packaging to hits and impacts,

  • The packages of the frozen products should be smooth and without any hole
    (without ventilation),

  • The packages of the fresh products should be smooth and without any hole
    (without ventilation),

  • The setup value of the transportation temperature should be same as the unit’s thermostat setup,

  • Pre-loading temperature of the product to be transported should be same as the temperature degree requested to be transported,

  • Before loading, the unit should be operated and pre-cooled until the internal body temperature reaches approximately +5°C.

  • The position of the product loaded into the body of vehicle should not block the air circulation inside the body of vehicle and should not limit the floor, side walls, top surface and air flow.

  • The interior of the body of vehicle should be clean, odorless and free from wastes.

High-quality and cost-effective services are always the first priority of Asian Logistics.