Dünya çapında profesyonel kargo servisleri
Dünya çapında profesyonel kargo servisleri


''The roads are our job​...''

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Becoming a much preferred mode of transport in Europe today, rail transport has also taken its place among the scope of services effectively provided by Asian Logistics International Transport. 

Due to the safety of the merchandise during transit, the posibility to minimise any human error, the possibility to form competitve costs, the advantages of border crossings on route the fact that it is one of the most environment friendly solutions, rail transport is becoming a preferred mode of transport in the west.


The rail industry has developed new levels of efficiency, economy and sustainability that can translate directly to your own supply chain. Our relationships with rail operators together with our expertise in rail and intermodal freight movement, means we are able to offer highly effective transportation solutions. All backed up by our supporting services, such as customs clearance, terminal handling, inland distribution and final mile delivery.