Project Transportation is to transport heavy loads out of standard sizes from a point to another in a way out of standards.

  Project transportation companies are seen as real architects of delivery chain because they can transport load out of standards in the shortest time and most suitable way according to needs and requests of customer.
  Project cargo is so sensitive about timing by its definition because big amounts are risked in case of late, damaged or deficient delivery of goods to final delivery point. Project cargo transportation requires expertness, experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, each logistic companies does not have sufficient equipments about this subject.

  Asian International Logistics supplies an all inclusive service for abnormal cargoesprojects like industrial projects, energy turbines and heavy transport for cargo with abnormal measures


We, as Asian Logistics, can transport machinery and equipment used in many sectors and especially in construction, energy and mining to any destinations in terms of heavy transportation safely and timely. The load-bearing capacity of our low bed vehicles ranges from 100 to 1000 tons at a single time. We service a wide network in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Balkans. Asian Logistics can provide you with high quality equipment road and feasibility studies that you might need in heavy transportation and our transportation services are supported by insurance, storage and installation services in accordance with the customer’s demands.

We have storage spaces, transfer areas, machinery and equipment in Mersin and Istanbul in Turkey; Iraq, Afganistan and Iran abroad. We contribute to your power in heavy transportation with our high quality services certified to ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001 -2007, ISO 14001-2004.

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