Our company, known as ASIAN LOGISTICS, is working on roadway transportation. Although our company was established in 2007 officially as ASIAN LOGISTICS, in the past, we were known as Polat Transportation, established in 1985, and we have been in the sector for about 35 years. Also the company offers heavy construction equipments/machines to road construction companies. The equipments are  Compactor, Excavators, Road Grader and so on.

As a highway transportation, we have worked between Germany, Holland, Belgium, Middle East, Turkic Republics and Turkey for many years.

Our center is located in Georgia. Because of its geographical location, Georgia is an essential country that might have one of the best logistics bases in the world for the future. Completion of the silk road connecting Europe and Asia to Georgia makes the position of Georgia much more important. As a company, we also make necessary infrastructure preparations in Tbilisi and Poti because that is an excellent chance to serve our customers with better quality and more proper freight rates. Otherwise, the majority of the cargos we planned to do logistics over our nation will be moved to the other countries.

As well as our logistics related activities, we are one of the rare companies who make R & D studies in their sector in Turkey and plan to cooperate with TÜBİTAK in this regard. Our R & D activities in the logistics sector will continue and our company will present a new logistics project file to T.C. Ministry of Transport Communications and Maritime Affairs and TÜBİTAK. This 36-month project will start in 2019.

The countries that we’ve had food exports and imports are as follows:
- Iran
- Iraq
- Syria
- Jordan
- Turkmenistan
- Afghanistan
- Kazakhstan

As a company located in Asia, we have been doing countless work in the Middle East and Asia. Some of the transportation projects that we have done are as follow:

- NATO’s loads, from Germany to Afghanistan(Kabul-Kandahar-Shank-Bagram) about 2600 trucks.
- USA ARMY’s loads, with Ankara Treysan transport of 1500 life containers to Baghdad.
- For the United Nations World Food Program After the 1st Gulf War, for 2 years, we have provided food distribution from Turkey to needy owners in Iraq.
- USA ARMY’s loads Batum – Hayratan about 350 trucks.
- 130.000 tons of pulses from Mersin to all provinces of Iraq before the Gulf War.
- Iraq Baiji Loading, 220.000 tons of crude oil transportation to Ceyhan Dörtyol refineries.
-  Istanbul – Afghanistan(Bagram) about 120 trucks.